It has a great culture and history. The city has been developing over the years and today it is a very important business, industrial and economic center. It is rich in spectacular landscapes, green areas and historical monuments. There are many places that you will love such as El Cerro de la Silla, El Cerro de las Mitras, La Sierra Madre, where you can find its mountainous landscapes, thermal springs and numerous museums. In addition, Conarte bookstore is considered one of the most beautiful on earth according to the Wired magazine.

Do not forget to walk around the ancient neighborhood dating from the 18th century; it is formed by old houses and some of its important streets are stone paved. The attractions in the surroundings of the city of Monterrey are so many and so varied that always, irremediably, you will find yourself wanting to come back for more; especially those who love adventure and frantic pace.