As a unique international service, the Texas BizCenter has created a “Texas Parthenon” right by The City of the Future (The Domain) in Austin where we assist Mexico’s state governments and organizations with Texas High Technology Transfer via colleges and universities, bilateral tourism and presently, connectivity with Mexico’s most prestigious airlines.

In addition, we also bring investments opportunities for Mexico’s investors interested in Commercial and Residential Real Estate in Texas including the hospitality and tourism industry under our BizTourism program with personalized service for investors and their families.

In addition to our offices at Arboretum our promotional partnership with both, Simon and Archer Hotels we are able to introduce our new clients to local companies at The Domain owned by Simon a “Beverly Hills Villa” style mini-city where you can buy anything with luxury shopping and incredible hotels such as Archer where you and your family can have memorable experiences in the largest and most popular luxury shopping experience in Austin.


With our creative we helped Ford Motor Credit sell Allied Finance in Texas with 64 high risk loans stores for over $300 million USD using a theme “Kick Your Debts Out of Sight” with this Dallas Cowboys campaign statewide. 

Presently, we are assisting a Mexico state install a new airline service and Texas high technology transfer which may be another door for new Trade and tourism opportunities between Mexico and Texas.


Our team Texas – Mexico Business Task Force, Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce and Grupo Reforma are developing a seminar series “Hispanic Marketing Megatrends” presenting the latest in:



We are a leading international marketing company in Texas and Mexico since 1981 with 3M Company and the Mexico’s federal government trade mission (Mexico in the Eighties) we developed with 3M’s International Team via a Trade Seminar ending with an investment venture by Land O’ Lakes and the state of Sinaloa among others recorded in this trade mission.  


As agency of record Romero Group opened the consumer market for Associates Financial Services/Ford Motor Credit in Cuernavaca, Puebla and Toluca expanding to over fifty finance outlets nationally.


With 30% in the red, Associates’ 31 high risk loans stores needed new and refreshing ideas in addition to putting the business back on track, so Romero Group devised an internal plan and strategy for all their employees resulting in 30% on the black in just five months.

This happened by bringing an ad campaign featuring  Dickie Thon who lost partially his vision in his left eye and related to poor neighborhoods in Puerto Rico. The campaign was a series of promotions and each store was a player with points made from sales scores starting with the campaign “Hit Your Debts Out of Sight” that brought The Associates to 30% on the black documented in just 5 months.


As Ford Motor Credit decided to sell their high-risk business Romero Group went to the rescue for Allied Finance with sixty-four outlets in Texas bringing record sales with a promotion for the Dallas Cowboys. The sale occurred later for over $300 million dollars.  

“We find that our secret for these type of ventures is ‘’The Right Match” and that includes, been able to negotiate with Fortune 500’s and state and federal governments such as the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee to work with Associates utilizing the Olympic Rings for a campaign under the name of ‘’Go for The Gold” resulting a smashing success as pre Olympics promo in 1996.”


On July 2009, Romero Group was assigned to bring several thousand Hispanic spectators to the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium (AT&T) for their first international soccer game “America vs. Chelsea” bringing a new concept in marketing and counted over 20,000 Hispanic spectators in just 3 weeks of grass roots promotion.

The Safi Hotel is our affiliate Events Center in San Pedro Garza Garcia. Our members enjoy at least a 50% discount at their stay at the Safi considered one of the best hotels in Mexico.