Our Mission


“The Texas BizCenter’s mission is to become a “Sales Extension Arm” for your business in Mexico and Texas.” Indicated its founder Mr. Joseph Romero de Velasco, COTAL’s U.S. Tourism Advisor in Austin. COTAL is the largest Tourism business association in Latin America with offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mr. Romero is known in the business world as “The Corporate Match Maker” and “The Little David” by winning accounts from giant ad agencies from Madison Avenue, utilizing strategic marketing and public relations for cases such as the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee partnership with Ford  Motor Credit/ Associates Financial Services with the ad campaign “Go for The Gold” created by Mr. Romero after he won the account from Foote, Cone & Belding.

The Texas Business Center mission was founded to assist companies and municipalities in both sides of the border with their new program “BizTourism® born at The Domain Austin, thanks to the encouragement from their promotional partners at Simon Properties and Archer Hotel  tailored for both, the private and public sectors in Mexico and Texas by adapting families to our new trends in this decade, focused in the business traveler who wish to bring their families to their travel agenda with personalized services for their families such as Child Care, Shopping, Trade Shows, Corporate Meetings coordination and corporate entertainment such as Golf, Freedom Super Cars driving, etc., needless to say advice on destinations and business opportunities in both, Texas and Latin America.

Our successful track record expanding connectivity via new airlines services between Mexico and Texas has allowed us to assist and to help investors, who want to develop commercial and residential real estate projects, utilizing the TBC network as their “Operations Center internationally” where we can put them on the map via our effective international webinars.